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DXF question (imports form Qgis)

Hi ,

I am a big fan of QGIS!
This amazing piece of opensource software can be of used for may geo-tasks and civil engineering
What is a bit wierd about QGIS is that it's exports to DXF are not so optimal with colors and pline width.
There is a file in Qgis called header.dxf which decribes the the export parts
Does any have an clue how objects with true colors 0,0,0 is assigned and stored in DXF format?

I want to change this into white or red as default..

The same file has be modified that to 'meters' in stead of insunits 6


  • The INSUNITS can be changed in the header file. But not the color of entities. But it should be possible to create a Lisp for that.

  • Thanks Roy. I was hoping i could have a fix directly for Qgis.
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