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Disassociated dimensions in drawing views

edited April 2019 in 3D Modeling

When linear dimension gets disassociated in paper space (dimensioning entities in drawing views) it turns red . However, disassociated radial and diameter dimensions don't change color? Is that intentional? And where this setting comes from?


  • I made a video to illustrate the problem more clearly. I don't know if it is a intentional or a bug - there is nothing in the help about this behavior.

  • Do the properties of the disassociated and associated offer a clue (Ctrl-1), like layer, colour?

    Does command dimstyle reveal some clues?

  • Any news about this?

  • I am a few versions behind, but in my v14, diameter and radial dimensions cannot be associative. I imagine this behavior is because AutoCAD does this. So, if that is true, there is no way for BricsCAD to make these types of dimensions associative. So, they are ignored when BricsCAD does its job of marking associated dimensions.

    Also, keep in mind that there are also many ways for dimensions in model space to get disassociated. This creates uncertainty, that the draftsman needs to consider. Any dimension may or may not be associative. So, I eventually decided to turn off the creation of associated dimensions. Then, I can predict the behavior of the dimensions.

    The main issue with associated dimensions that I ran into, was that editing a polyline can cause dimensions on it to behave unpredictability.


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