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F3 calls Settings

On both my desktop computer and laptop the F3 key is opening the Settings dialog rather than toggling esnaps. Both are running V20.1.08 or newer. I though I should see if anyone else has this happening before I try to track down the cause.



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    I recalled this thread:
    which says to assign them using a menu.
    The question is, where are the default ones assigned?
    I'd like to hear from the bricsys team on this, as it seems to be hidden. I'll check with Robert Green on that.
    What I know is you can overwrite existing ones using the CUI, keyboard tab.
    I do that for F11, which I want as the osnap context menu so I can assign as "keyboard stroke" to my mouse thumb button, and keep middle click as mbuttonpan mechanism.

    Just right click in that keyboard listing to insert a function key assignment.
    Notice the normal F keys are not in there? They must be somewhere...

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  • Hi, James,

    It is easy enough to add an assignment, but doing so does not fix the problem. Whether I add an F3 assignment in the Bricscad section or in the section for my custom cui F3 will toggle esnaps once, but a second F3 opens Settings. I have F3 mapped to a side button on the mouse and I use the button frequently.

    This is actually rather elusive. Sometimes I start Bricscad and F3 always toggles esnaps. Sometimes always F3 opens Settings. Sometimes it switches between the two at random. This only happens in recent V20. I have V19 also installed on the desktop computer and F3 works properly there. The problem is in V20.1.08 and in the latest beta.

    F3 is an internal assignment so it is not exposed.

    I''m trying to determine if this is a bug of if I have something on my computers which is causing this. I have seen at least one report that was similar and the suggested fix was to restore defaults in Settings. Since I have customized many settings I really don't want to do that.

  • I see, and that does sound like a bug.
    One thing you might try is copying the OOTB bcad menu from another machine, in case there is a corruption there.

  • Hi Martin, pay attention to what your cursor window is over when you use the mouse button, as that may have some bearing on what happens.

  • Thanks, Owen.

    I will check this out.

    FWIW I see the same issue simply pressing the F3 key. How an actual keypress works should not depend on mouse cursor position. If Bricscad has "extended" the F3 function without documentation and without a way to decline the extension I think that's a very bad thing.

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