Get Normal Vector on Surface

I tried to get the normal vector at specified a point on the surface of a solid, but did't found a solution yet. Is there an easy way to get it?



  • For a flat face of a 3D solid this can be done by aligning the UCS to the face and then drawing a line from the point in the pos. Z direction. I don't know how this can be accomplished if the face is curved.
  • Thank you.
    But I need it for a curved surface.
  • I'm thinking make a Point on your Surface then make a copy of the Surface and the point then scale the copy and the point times 1.5 around its centroid. Finally make a line between the Points. ! ?  Havent tried it yet but could work. just dont know how to find the centroid. Maybe someone knows
  • What kind of Surfaces do you mean?

    If there are "oldfashioned" meshes like RULESURFs, REVSURFs or EDGESURFs  so I have an idea, how to get the Normal vector.



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