Setup/Setting to Lock UCS Icon at Origin

The on_start. lisp file is used here at startup (as the renamed startup file originally used with a competing software). What would a line of code look like that would lock the UCS Icon at the 2D view origin?


  • In settings search for ucsicon and find two bitsum values:
    1 for show icon and
    2 for origin

    So if you want to have a UCS icon always shown and if possible at the origin, you want value 1 + 2 = 3.

    You'll also find ucsiconpos for left, right positions and other valuable settings.

    In its most basic form, the following line should do:

    (setvar 'ucsicon 3)

    You may want to consider creating on_doc_load.lsp and put it there. Location in search path and best not in "program files" locations in order to survive an update of BricsCAD.

  • Wiebe,
    This is exactly the information I needed.

    Thank you!
    Clint Hill

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