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BricsCAD Sample Programs for C#


Just started to explore the BricsCAD system and have been told by the support guys that there are some sample programs for C# but unfortunately, there is only 1 C# example I could find. Coming from EyeShot CAD engine (60 examples) this does not seem right. I am not looking in the right location or is there only 1 sample.

If there is only 1 example then where would I find or learn BricsCAD programming.

Please see the screenshot.



  • Unable to identify your needs... Is starting with Lisp an option perhaps?

  • I am a software developer and am exploring my options to build my software on top of (trying Inventor and BSB) .

    I am familiar with C based syntax such as C/C++, C# but LISP i don't have a clue. but, then again there is only 1 lisp sample ints own folder...

  • Hi,

    The one sample has various sample commands, forms to illustrate using many parts of the API. Since your familiar with C++, you might also find something useful in the BRX SDK.

    Also, check out , there's probably thousands of samples

    Cheers :)

  • Thanks Daniel, I will have a look!

  • edited August 2019

    Most of BricsCad .net api equals AutoCAD Api.

    -> create an empty .net plugin for bricscad (add reference BRXMgd, TD_MGD - copylocal false)
    -> insert some of the x-thousands examples for AutoCAD (e.g.
    -> replace Namespace and base classes from AutoCAD to bricscad (Intellisense of VS will help you)

    that's it

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