Hmmh - V22 release still Intel/Rosetta2 only

Bricscad V22 available for download.

No universal App so far.
(While I enjoy Vectorworks native App since 6 weeks)
Any Apple Silicon hints disappeared in help or recommended hardware specs.

User activated (default) panels still disappearing from screen from time to time.
Or Ribbon hidden after a few sessions every now and then.

RVT Import again missing - although it was available in later V21 releases.
Datasmith export not possible although I am used to have in Vectorworks
Mac since a 2 releases.

Beside, my Mac(/Linux) concerns,
V22 is again a great Upgrade release witch great new Features, and more important,
Fixes and Improvements for existing functionality.


  • Agree on my PC it’s great, Mac not great.
  • My Glass Ball has two sides.
    When I look from the pessimistic side, it says Bricscad Universal App
    will come, but with Bricscad V36.

    When I look from the optimistic side, its says Bricscad Universal App
    will com soon (V22.2-ish), but not as a complete Bricscad Ultimate
    Package - but starting completely from scratch as a completely new
    true Mac App.
    Beginning from a "Shape"-like App level, using fully Apple newest APIs
    and Metal, including all Direct Modeling Tools - but renounce of any
    Autodesk brakes.
    No more Command Line, Commands stay active until actively being
    closed or by another Toll being activated, DRAGSNAP activated by
    default while PICKADD is OFF. All MTHREADS ON Selection Marquee
    by dragging on. Also real parametric Rectangles.
    Settings will be grouped again in theme specific chunks and ordered
    by a hierarchy of importunateness and hide irrelevant features until
    really needed.
    All great AI and BIM features available starting with a V22.3.

  • Unfortunately we cannot create a native M1 BricsCAD in short term. Acis, the 3d modeler by Spatial that BricsCAD relies on, has no M1 native version. It was planned for January, but Spatial delayed it to November 2022. Unfortunately M1 dependency loading is an all-or-nothing thing, an executable cannot mix M1 and Intel built binaries.

  • Ouch !
    Big thanks for update and explanation though.

    If Bricscad's side of the code would be already universal App ready,
    (latest Apple APIs, Metal, .... )
    would that help or optimize Bricscad running via Rosetta already ?

    (I see Intel Apps that have no noticeable Rosetta handicap while
    demanding 3D Apps may suffer in 3D View or multi-threaded
    CPU Rendering, when using Intel Optimizations, slow down by
    at least 40%)

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