Two versions - but want to open by default in old version

I normally use v14, but currently have the v22 demo installed. When I double-click a .dwg file in a browser window, it opens the v22 demo and loads it there. But, I prefer to open it in ver14.

I go through the process in Windows "Open With" and select the "Always open with..." and then browse to the v14 BricsCAD.exe file. And it will open with v14. But, the next time I try to double-click a .dwg file, it starts up v22, and opens it there.

Additional info:
- I already have v14 running.
- The option of dragging the .dwg file to the BricsCAD v14 window doesn't work (the mouse pointer changes to a no symbol).
- I am running v14 in administrator mode. Though, I don't know if that should have an effect.
- Since installing the v22 demo, when I run v14, it has been reset to demo mode. So, the v22 demo somehow changes older versions into demo as well. And if I enter the license for my v14, it will accept it. Though, the next time I load v14, it will have forgotten the license key. I imagine this problem will go away once the v22 demo is expired, and if not authorized, I can just uninstall and the v14 will stop resetting to demo, and the problem may go away.

It is not a serious problem, provided that uninstalling the v22 demo, which expires in less than 2 weeks. But, it would be nice to understand what is going on.



  • I had a thread in December 2020 titled "Setting default version" where this is explained by Torsten. Basically it is because of the way Windows is coded. It is possible to fix this in the registry.
  • Thanks for the info. But, definitely not touching the registry for a short-term issue like this.
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