V23 no intersection snap ?

Hi Guys,
Not sure if its a setting I have or a bug but the intersection snap doesn't work any more. Tried V22 and its fine.
Anyone else having this problem. I'm using Ubuntu 22.04 with X11 and Wayland, same issue.



  • Silly question - you have got OSMODE>Intersection (32) checked?
  • Hey Tom, thanks and yes I have 32 enabled.
    Just received a response from Support, its an known bug. Hopefully it will be fixed for the next release...

  • Hope, this will be fixed really suddenly - intersection snap might be one of the most important functions of a CAD Software.
    I spent half a day in searching the mistake on my side, until I occasionally found this post.
    I think,there should be a site on the bricscad-Webpage for the users, where the most important bugs are reported; and there should be a timeline that shows, when the bug will be eliminated.
    The software is expensive enough to have this.
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