Printing 1 to 1

New user here coming from Autocad LT. All I want to do is print my drawing in true 1 to 1 scale in a new layout. I can't find anywhere to set the scale. The page setup box scale setting is not getting me there. Help please. Bob


  • Anthony Apostolaros
    edited January 12
    If you created the geometry in the model tab, and are showing it on a layout tab by use of a viewport, then scale is a property of the viewport. Open the Properties Panel and select the viewport, and its properties will show in the panel. When the Display Locked property = Unlocked, you can choose a scale from the pull-down list for the Standard Scale property.
  • 1st step is make your layout title blocks true size ie 1=1 whether inches or mm, then make viewports at desired scale, plot using 1=1 and all should work.

    We had A1 title blocks 841x594, when we plotted A3 just set plot scale to 1=2 working 100%
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