New Computer - Transferring over settings

I got a new computer, and accordingly had to reinstall bricscad. How to I transfer my preferences and settings from my old computer to the new?


  • Would be interested too - in a "reliable" way to transfer Setting customizations.

    On Mac, all Settings seem to be saved in a global, but hidden in a filke in a .bricscad folder (?)
    called "config" - but containing all ever Bricscad's installations Settings.
    On Windows that may be done by "Registry" keys.
    When filing SR's about Bricscad Crashes and anomalys on Mac, Support so often asked me
    to delete/hide the whole config file - which most times fixed my issues .....
    Basically I had to reset 2-3 times over the years.

    And I usually have a need for a set of Setting Customizations, that damp down Bricscad's
    Autocad behavior to a more Windows or better Mac Standards behavior for each installation.
    Plus a bunch of individual customizations.

    As I know no (reliable) way of saving and bringing back in such a "selective" setup set for
    Settings, I do set all again manually each time. For hope of stability, often even when
    just installing a new release on the same machine.
  • For me too it's a moving target. My setup is pretty vanilla compared to most so manually transferring over
    to a new version isn't that big of a deal. Mainly it's the menu/toolbar arrangement that I have to redo every time but don't see anyway around it if you want the new functions/toolbars & etc.
  • I have a lisp I use sets up all your support paths loads all the correct menus etc its pretty straight forward just edited it over multiple upgrades adding more functionality.

    For my clients they load a lisp it asks where is zip file when finished all set up and ready to go. Installed on each pc. Around 30 programs.

    (setq *files* (vla-get-files (vla-get-preferences (vlax-get-Acad-object))))
    (setq paths (vla-get-SupportPath *files*))

    so "paths" holds all the info for the support paths you can then add a new item or items.
    (vla-put-SupportPath *files* (strcat "C:\\CAD-TOOLS\\SLIDES;C:\\CAD-TOOLS\\IMAGES;C:\\CAD-TOOLS;" paths))

    Same for others

    Do this (vlax-dump-object "*Paths*") you will see what you can change.

    Do you have custom menu's to load if so just tell me there name and will provide code. Its a bit more complicated as must check does exist and if so remove then load new one.

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