3d PDF export size

Playing a bit with 3d PDFs . They export nicely in V23. BUT
When I open in Adobe READER the model is far far away barely visible.
If goes better if I scale the model like 1000 times but then dimensions are way of if anyone would like to take a measure. Anyone played with this ??


  • For me that sounds like the Model is far from file origin.
    And Reader, like usual 3D Apps are not able to center that geometry but
    show a large canvas from origin until the geometry, which also causes
    all kind of display and accuracy problems (?)

    If that is the case, maybe centering the Model around Bricscad's Center
    by using geolocation ar similar would help ?
  • Nope origin is right in the model and the model size is app 500x500x100 (mm).
    Feels like its exporting a huge volume
  • Could there be any forgotten rests of geometry far away ?
    Could lead to the same problems.

    I assume not (?)

    So Acrobat Reader may not like small models itself (or Millimeter Units) ?

    In the past I saved some 3D PDFs from Microstation.
    But these were usually larger Buildings and in Meters.
  • Hi guys
    I had a go at this found that the model needs to be at he 0,0,0,origin and limits need to be on and a tight area around the model. This prompts the PDF to be front and center.
  • No making it meters make no difference. Setting limits to 1 makes no difference. ( sounded right got my hopes up)
    Origin is in the model. My best shot was scaling 1000 times.
    Thanks anyway.
  • Hi Patrik
    Sorry, I viewed this on line with Soda PDF and all seemed good...but apparently not.
    I seem to get a different result every time I try.
    The ongoing struggle with PDFs continues. I try not to use them.
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