Will V24 finally be available in an ASi native version ?

I was looking at old posts on the Bricsys MAC forum and we have not had a hint about progress towards a native Apple Silicon / ARM V9 version since about mid October 2021.
From what I can see the other sub programs that BricsCAD might rely on - like Redshift, do seem to be available in an ASi versions so V24 could be when it finally happens.
Anyone at Bricsys able to give us a hint? Pretty Please ? ?
PS Have to post this before a Beta version of V24 is released and I can't comment :-)


  • Michael Mayer
    edited May 2023
    I wouldn't bet.

    Last info from support, may be already a year ago,
    did not deny an ASi development.
    But at that time stating Bricscad still not use one of the
    Metal capable RedSDK versions did irritate a bit.
    And not only for ASi but for 3D acceleration in general.

    If I compare those two lost years with acceleration in useful
    BIM features, if ASi had some priority, we would have had an ASi
    Bricscad Version since V22 or V22.2.

    (Isn't Bricscad Hexagons only also non Windows supporting App ?)
  • Now that v24 is out, is it ARM native? I only tried it on my old Mac Pro, and what installed is x64 only.
  • Thanks for the V24 update,
    I would have missed that.

    Download on Bricsys site does not work (yet ?),
    at least for V24 Mac ...
    But standard download from account worked.

    AFAIk there was some progress in Apple ARM support or better preparation.
    But no, still far from native Apple ARM version.

  • Thanks for the comment @Woof & @Michael, I saw this morning (in New Zealand) that the Windows version of V24 was available for download but was only able to download it from inside the BricsCAD application.
    Then had a problem with licensing (error code 153) but after a few session of Terminal managed to get it licensed.
    Unfortunately it is still an X86 not native AS. (this is on an MBP M1 Max) I wonder what the problem is?
    Out of interest what OS are you running? I am on Ventura 13.6, not upgraded to Sonoma yet.
  • Michael Mayer
    edited October 2023
    Sonoma (Public Beta) since July.

    Get the same License error, can't activate.
    Beta License ended yesterday.
    Tried a few times now. I only get the error message.
    But Trial Activation worked ....

    Opened V24 yesterday twice.
    First it crashed in BIM mode very soon for a very banal action.
    Second I started in Shape Mode and played a bit and I got
    the Apple Crash warning after I closed Shape.
    Did not have that with the Betas.
  • Ditto your experience Michael.

    Licence activation error (sorted via terminal as post on Bricscad support pages - glad they're on top of that one, even if a little frustrating initially).

    Program however is too unstable for me to stick with. Repeated crashes when I come back to using BC after waking from sleep. Thankfully I'm good at saving before walking away! Back to V23 for me!!
    Irritatingly the only development I was interested in trying (blockconvert on old Acad dynamic blocks) would only work on 30% of those I tried, and broke most of those did!)
  • apkent said:

    Licence activation error (sorted via terminal as post on Bricscad support pages - glad they're on top of that one, even if a little frustrating initially).

    First Terminal Option did not work here.

    Also there was some user data in that folder (which I backupped)
    (And why does such a folder contain the Redway Material Thumbnail Cache and such !?)

    I am not willing to try option 2.
    In case there is other hidden data in it - invisible even when hidden file visibility on ...

    And I am not willing to try option 3,
    deleting things in that ominous "Do-NOT-Touch-Anything-in-This-RLM-Directory" Folder.

    I am a Mac and CAD user, not a programmer.
    I wait if something gets better during the trial period.
    If not I throw Bricscad from my machine.
  • Fair comment indeed. These things should "just work" indeed.

    If it was the only problem I might happily accept, but crashing out after every wake-up is a killer! I'll watch the mac release notes for a more stable download....
  • EdwardC
    edited October 2023
    Was finally able to download V24, no crashes or issues at all here. Loads fast as well, I think my Win 11 is faster but it seems solid. MacOS Sonoma 14.0 on a Mac mini M2 pro base 16GB box.
  • I think I also noticed that Sonoma is overall no more as snappy, on my M1.
    It feels a little laggy when deleting eMails or in Safari.

    And I think Apple is optimizing for M2 now.
    There were a few hardware changes/updates from M1 to M2.
    E.g. Apple is contributing some optimizations for Blender that are available
    for M2+ only.
  • Well, I have had crashes with V24 now as well.......
  • Michael Mayer
    edited October 2023
    Today (I dit open it just a few times for licensing attempts) I had no issues.
    And at least I was able to close Bricscad without crash warnings ....

    But there is already a another new Sonoma 14.1 Public Beta Version waiting
    for a restart ....
  • I also found the Beta's to be reliable and not crash but V24.1.05 (on Mac) crashes frequently and on doing the simplest of tasks.
    Restarts up easily however and does not lose the UI apart from having to insert the Command Line Panel.
    Also had to do the Terminal option 1, 2 (I think) and 3 to get the license to work.
    Apart from the crashing it does seem to run more smoothly than V23.
    Unfortunately still no hint of a native AS version.
  • I sent a request to customer support on any info on a M1 native release, I advised that ARES Commander and even my cheap Q-Cad Pro is M1 native. I received a reply that they were working on a release for the future but would not elaborate. Going on 3 years since the M1 release.
  • Michael Mayer
    edited November 2023
    My last info was that meanwhile all (many) 3rd party libraries were
    replaced with Apple ARM supporting versions now, that there is still no
    Metal capable RedSDK graphic API version in use but Apple ARM
    support is still planned and worked on, but it may not happen
    that soon.
    So I think a V24.2 is very likely not a universal installer and I wouldn't
    be surprised if a V25 is still Intel only.
    (As we aren't that far from October 2024 ...)

    Beside heavily missed Datasmith export on Mac/Linux, yesterday,
    I had to realize that Rhino import is Windows-only too ...

    My other App I used that tried to sit ARM support out was Modo.
    A bit later than announced they finally offer a native Apple ARM
    Alpha version meanwhile. Did not test it and heard it is very alpha
    but already very snappy and promising.
  • Thanks for the update!
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