Printer print as pdf.pc3 creates strange file type

A new installed V24 creates pdf with the ending ".plot Dateipdf" instead of .pdf when selecting Printer Print As PDF.pc3

I don't know this behaviour in former versions of Bricscad and would like to know, if there is a setting to change it back or if this is a bug

Thanks and regards, Joe


  • I don't think that works as intended.

    And the ending seems to come from a german localization of V24.
    So maybe international V24 does not have that issue.
    EDIT :
    I get a *.pdf here as it should.
    But I am on Mac .....

    There is a PrintFile Setting.
    For me it shows a "." only.

  • There is a PrintFile Setting.
    For me it shows a "." only.

    Same here, but to change this doesn`t change anything. Maybe you're right, maybe its a localization problem.

  • Filing a Support Request will help.

    I just went through all Settings here (for other reasons) but could not
    find any more related settings for printing related to file extensions though.
  • Just for information: bug is resolved in latest version V24.1.05-2 :)
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