Guide Points

I remember from using Sketchup the ability to use Guide points.
What would be the eqivalent in Shape.
If I want to place an object that is a combination of measurements from an existing object, surely its best to set it up with some guide lines, and then use the object tool.


  • Hi star50,

    One way would be to use Infinite Lines, or just polylines and create the guide geometry you need. You can delete it afterwards, or you could place it on a layer that you hide when not needed.

    To quickly create an Infinite Line, you can use the shortcut 'XL'.

    All the best,
  • Hi Billie,
    Thanks for that. I had thought of the polylines, however your Layer suggestion gives it better control, and the Infinite Lines I haven't ever used, but can now see a real use for them.
  • XLs invaluable - use them all the time. Trim the XL's ends away to form the new line you want - or Just delete afterwards - simplest.
  • Thanks Tom, I hadn't even thought they were just lines, and you could trim them.
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