Intensity out of range?

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Hi all,

First time trying to import a point-cloud I received via a client of mine.

When attaching the pointcloud in BricsCAD I get an error (in the .log file) telling me 'Intensity out of range'.

How can I improve/resolve this?

Thank you for thinking with me!

* Start : Mon Feb 5 10:50:46 2024 *
Running with 32 threads.
Ignoring geo tags in the data.
Finished probe : Elapsed time = 0.025632 seconds.
Started reading
Status reading : Mon Feb 5 10:50:46 2024
[ ]
After ERROR flag was raised:
ERROR reading driveletter:\Scan 001.e57 :
E57 error: Could not parse driveletter:\Scan 001.e57
Intensity out of range.

Disk capacity = 1799429812224
Disk free = 1648618070016
Disk available = 1648618070016


  • OmidEkrami
    edited February 5
    Hi Joris,

    For e57 filetype, the intensity value is expected to be within a certain range, and if the file contains values outside this range we will not continue the preprocessing (this is going to change in the upcoming releases, we will simply cap the out of range values).
    If you can share a sample piece of this dataset through a support request, we can have a closer look at the data and see if anything is going wrong.
  • Thank you. Not sure how to share a sample piece of the dataset. It is a 1,1Gb large file.

    Should I ask the client for another file format?
  • you can provide a link to any upload server.
    Do you know what scanner has been used to capture this dataset? We've recently noticed that some dynamic scanners add the scan trajectory as a separate scan in the dataset and the intensity values for this separate scan can be out of range.
  • I'll make a support request and ask what scanner was used.
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