changing viewport scale and annotative objects

Am I correct in thinking that the only way to change between different scales in a viewport and show all annotative objects is to add the scale to each object?

Our drawings will be drawn in the viewport to a set scale, say 1:10, and all of the annotated objects (blocks, dimensions, text) will be set to 1:10. But before final issue, things may be added or taken off of the drawing and the scale needs to be adjusted for better page fit, to 1:20. But to do this, I then need to add the new scale to each object so that it shows in the viewport. It's a bit of a faff as we may need to do this over several pages. Is this the only option or am I doing something wrong? Autocad automatically adjusted annotative objects to the viewport scale without needing to add any scales to them beforehand.


  • I think you're looking for ANNOAUTOSCALE.
  • In addition to Owen's suggestion, while in Model space, you could use the Properties panel with the Quick select mode to select all annotative entities.
    Then, still in the Properties panel, the Annotative scale field allows to add multiple annotative scales to all selected entities.
  • amatt
    edited February 12
    Thank you both, I'll have a look at these suggestions. And I'll still have to change both the standard and the annotation scales when going from 1:10 to 1:20, correct?
  • If you select the layout viewport and change the annotation scale in the Properties panel, the standard scale will be set to the same value.

    If you double-click in the viewport and enter its model space, the annotative scale of the viewport can be changed from the status bar, as usual in model space.
    After the change, exit the model space.
    In this case, only the viewport annotative scale is changed, the standard scale is not adjusted.
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