Lisp extension for 3D Modelling

Hi All,

Over the past 10 years or more, I have been working on a project, an extension to Lisp for 3D Drafting and Modelling. Features include:
  • Plane entities as work planes.
  • Various 2D curves for Paths and solid Profiles including
    • I Beams
    • Angles
    • Channels
    • Purlins
    • RHS
    • Pipe
  • Various 3D curves for Paths.
  • 3D Solids including:
    • Extrusion
    • Sweep
    • Box
    • Sphere
  • Part modelling as a collection of features including:
    • Boolean Solids
    • Patterned Solids
    • Tool-bodies
    • Slice to Plane
  • Assembly modelling as a collection of parts.
With the ability to create, edit and update objects as required through a dynamically generated GUI using DCL.
The project also includes a Node-based UI.

The project is named SOZ-LIVE and stands for: Scripted ObjectZ and Lisp Interactive Visual Environment.

While it is still in Beta stage and Closed Source, the aim is to grow a community of developers and testers to progress to release stage where the project will move to being Open Source.

Currently, more information on the project is available here.

Thanks for your interest.



  • That sounds great.
  • Re steel sections have you looked at Wiseys Steel shapes, it allows various section libraries from all over the world.
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